Palletten ! – De Wenkbrauwerij (BE) – sold out

Pallets and circus tents: they rarely get the recognition they deserve. They’re constantly on the move, from town to town, come wind or high weather. They carry all the equipment and make the performances possible. In this show, they get the recognition they deserve. The respect that is their due. And maybe, just maybe, the applause will be for them for once. The show is thus an ode to the pallet and to the circus tent – a tribute to two fantastic inventions.


Courtesy of:
Agentschap wegen & verkeer

©Alicja Kwade
©Ief Gilis


Saturday 14 July      16h     19h
Sunday 15 July         16h     19h
Monday 16 July       16h     19h
Tuesday 17 July       16h     19h

55 minutes

Next to Eldi on Afrikalaan 99

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