Follow Me – Be Flat (BE)

Follow me is an interpretation of public space by two young artists. Follow them on their acrobatic theatrical progress through the urban environment. The street is their stage, the building façades their backdrop, the cobblestones their dance floor and the traffic their soundscape.

Discover the Macharius district in unique style.
Follow me is the first public performance of young Ghent circus company Be Flat. A continuous creative process in which the performance is adapted to specific locations. 


With support of:
Vlaamse Gemeenschap

©Zaur Kourazov


Saturday 14 July       16h30
Sunday 15 July          16h30
Monday 16 July        16h30
Tuesday 17 July        16h30

60 minutes
Performance with limited capacity
Tickets available from 15u30 at the infobooth in Coyendanspark (max. 2 tickets per person)


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