A new festival edition, a new fireworks creation. Eventhough he’s probably the youngest fireworks artist in our country, the sharp Cliff Hooge and his team of HC Pyrotechnics are the absolute top within the world of fireworks. With a Belgian Champions title in 2012 and many other titles in Monte Carlo, Potsdam, Zagreb and just last year the first price on the prestigious fireworks festival of German Hannover.

In Ghent Cliff takes on a challenge of a very different caliber: Creating a fireworks show on the crazy elektrotrash beats of Ghent’s own Kenji Minogue. In May of this year they released their long awaited new record and because the launch party in club Vooruit wasn’t large enough for these legendary musicians, they decided to do it all over again for the ‘Gentse Feesten’ fireworkshow. This promises to be a good one!

Be sure to arrive on time. 15 minutes before the show starts the Van Eyckbrug is being closed down. Please keep in mind that the fireworks creates some very loud bangs and sounds. Bring ear protection if you feel the need to.



Voorhoutkaai, Gent

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