Carnivale – De Machinerie (BE)

Carnivale is a funfair village with extraordinary installations, plenty of oohs and aahs and amazing attractions. This funfair has a life of its own. Climb aboard Capitein Gustav II’s beautiful carrousel and join the sailors for a voyage of adventure.

Always wanted to fly? Then join in with the flying on Marquis De Quevilly’s merry-go-round. Experience the world’s smallest animal show – the flea circus – in Het Vlooienkabinet. From the miniature to the massive… discover Les Tortues Géants, a race between two giant tortoises.
After a tour through Animalium you’ll be amazed by the beauty of all kinds of animal species, some of them extinct. As well as these creatures great and small, there are also plants in De Piste. Not just any old plant, but the largest, most dangerous carnivorous plant ever. Do you dare?

Miramiro, Theater Op De Markt, Wintervuur

With support of:
Vlaamse Overheid, Stad Antwerpen



Saturday 14 July      14h – 19h
Sunday 15 July         14h – 19h
Monday 16 July       14h – 19h
Tuesday 17 July       14h – 19h

All ages

Coyendanspark (Groene kerk)

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