This is not a party – Collectif Les Malunés (BE)

Collectif Malunés turns 10 years old and Miramiro celebrates its 25th edition. Reason to party! The Malunés invite you to, in and around their circus tent at Houtdok for a unique, over the top birthday spectacle.

This is definitely not a party, this is so much more!


Thanks to:
Sogent, Ghent Dredging NV, studiebureau Lobelle en Stad Gent

© Guy Waerenburgh


FRI 19 July 18h
SAT 20 July 18h
SUN 21 July 18h
MON 22 July 18h
TUE 23 July 18h

All ages
Continuous show

Here you can find more information on how to reach us

€10 < 12 YEARS OLD > €15

Houtdok, Gent

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