CASA – Circus Arts and Street Arts Circuits

CASA was a European support programme designed by five arts organisations: Miramiro (BE), CirkusInfo Finland, Cirqueon (CZ), FiraTàrrega (ES) and Subtopia (SE). Together they joined forces to equipe professionals from the contemporary circus and outdoor creation sectors to work and cooperate transnationally, raising their ambition and capacity to work at international level.

The programme aimed at unfolding work opportunities, helping practitioners to access international  markets and make new connections by developing their knowledge on different cultural contexts and artistic environments thus enhancing their (inter)cultural competences and skills.

CASA made professional expertise and quality information accessible, and facilitate the sharing of knowledge and know how, in order to diversify approaches and work methods.

To reach their common objectives, CASA partners implemented a series of activities:

  • 10 Communication and Marketing Workshops

One -day trainings, led by international experts, with a focus on communication and marketing strategie and tools, to increase the capacity of individual professionals to work transnationally and adapt to production and touring realities.

  • 5 Audience and Market Development Trips

Seven-day exploratory trips into a different cultural context to open new horizon in terms of work opportunities, making new connections as well as being inspired innovatieve approach. Each trip explored audience development and participation. 50 European professionals were selected and invites to benefit from this scheme.

  • 5 Multimedia Market Guides

Accessible for free, these guides adopt an innovatieve multi-support format, each one focusing on a particular cultural context, providing quality professional information, mappen opportunities, providing video interviews from local stakeholders.

CASA ran from 01-05-2015 till 30-04-2017

With the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

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