Miramiro, festival for circus, theatre, dance, performance ... infiltrates into Ghent's urban fabric, bringing people together in a state of common marvel. Because Miracles Matter

We actively contribute to the distribution, recognition and development of circus arts and (temporary) arts in public space at national and international level.

We also offer a platform to a wide range of art forms presenting high quality and innovative festival programs. The festival unites a diverse audience through a common experience aspiring to be an added value to the Flemish cultural domain and far beyond.

Within the sector we seek and encourage innovation by supporting new ideas and creation and by promoting collaborations, including in an international context.

Both at an artistic and organizational level, Miramiro aims to be a leading festival that guarantees quality and surprise and a touch of whimsy.



Our mission states: "By supporting new ideas and creation and encouraging partnerships in the sector, including in an international framework, Miramiro continously wants to shift the limits.

Being a festival that is constantly looking for innovation, we find it important to give as much opportunities as possible to renewal. The more fruitful the breeding ground, the bigger and the more interesting the offer from which the festival can harvest.

One of our most important components of the strategy for achieving this is coproduction.

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