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  • 'ENSOR' premiered
    Apr-11 Compagnie Cecilia ism Circus Ronaldo (BE) 'ENSOR' premiered

    Earlier this week Cecilia Company and Circus Ronaldo premiered their latest stage production Ensor, and it made the grade!

  • Sioen to compose music for the fireworks
    Apr-11 Sioen & Dewico Sioen to compose music for the fireworks

    For this year’s fireworks, we invited Ghent singer-songwriter and composer Sioen.

  • After Work Try-Out 'Entre Nous'
    Mar-14 Carré Curieux, Cirque Vivant ! (BE) After Work Try-Out 'Entre Nous'

    During forthcoming ten days Carré Curieux circus company will take residence at De Expeditie to work on their latest performance. An after-work try-out is intended at the end of this week.

  • Open Rehearsal 'Ensor'
    Mar-12 Compagnie Cecilia and Circus Ronaldo Open Rehearsal 'Ensor'

    Last week at De Expeditie MiramirO and Cecilia Company jointly organized an open rehearsal weekend for ‘Ensor’.

  • Workshop for artists
    Apr-16 Workshop for artists

    Are you a novice or professional artist and interested in creating art in public space? Register as soon as possible for the workshop of FAI AR on May 5, 2013.

  • New creations in 2013
    Jan-24 New creations in 2013

    Year after year MiramirO supports artists in the creation and production of new performances. New ideas are given a chance, either by means of financial or administrative support, the use of rehearsal room, offering performance opportunities or promotion support… And that is not going to change in 2013.

  • Scuba in The Expedition and at MiramirO
    Jul-08 Scuba in The Expedition and at MiramirO

    The presentation of 'Images of Villages' of Scuba Club Collective is in the Expedition now since July 4th. Scuba takes rehearsels there before going to premiere during the MiramirO festival from Juli 21 until Juy 24th including.

  • Alabama & Co: the movie
    Mar-19 Alabama & Co: the movie

    After 130 theatre performances, Compagnie Cecilia’s 2008 production of The Broken Circle Breakdown featuring The Cover-ups of Alabama, for which MiramirO acted as co-producer, will start a second life as a movie.

  • EU support for Meridians
    Mar-18 EU support for Meridians

    Good news reached us by the end of February: scoring 93 points, Meridians’ TransAc Project has been chosen as the 14th in a total of 103 transnational projects to be selected for a EU Cultural Programme grant.

  • Register now!
    Mar-02 Register now!

    Each year, the FAI AR (the Advanced Itinerant Learning Programme for Street Arts) selects 15 artists and authors who are offered an advanced training course. This course is specifically intended for professionals who are interested in broadening and deepening their understanding of arts in the public environment. The FAI AR organises information sessions of which the last session takes place in Charleville Mézières, in The Ardens, close to the Belgian border, on Monday 7th of March.