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Supporting artists and artistic projects during creation and/or production is the major concern of the operations of our production department.

Throughout the years, we have supported various artists and groups, either financially, or by means of consultancy or coaching (e.g. helping them find proper creative partners or advisors), by commissions, by promoting or actually distributing the performances, by making professionals of various disciplines meet, or by offering occasional rehearsal room and technical support.

In Flanders there’s a need for structural support in order to give chances to Belgian projects. The International Streettheatrefestival doesn’t not have a production space at it’s disposal. We have to turn to the spaces of other companies in Ghent or we need to rely on cooperations or for example the productioncell of Theater op de Markt. A creation centre for arts in the public space could operate as meeting point between artists from Belgium and foreign artists and between the different art disciplines. This kind of centre would also give us the chance to participate on a European level.


More news
  • 'ENSOR' premiered
    Apr-11 Compagnie Cecilia ism Circus Ronaldo (BE) 'ENSOR' premiered

    Earlier this week Cecilia Company and Circus Ronaldo premiered their latest stage production Ensor, and it made the grade!

  • Sioen to compose music for the fireworks
    Apr-11 Sioen & Dewico Sioen to compose music for the fireworks

    For this year’s fireworks, we invited Ghent singer-songwriter and composer Sioen.

  • After Work Try-Out 'Entre Nous'
    Mar-14 Carré Curieux, Cirque Vivant ! (BE) After Work Try-Out 'Entre Nous'

    During forthcoming ten days Carré Curieux circus company will take residence at De Expeditie to work on their latest performance. An after-work try-out is intended at the end of this week.