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  • Extension
    Cirque Inextremiste Extension

    Grand acrobatic performance where a man in a wheelchair takes revenge against his two bullies using a small excavator.

  • L'apres Midi d'un Foehn
    Compagnie Non Nova L'apres Midi d'un Foehn

    A plastic bag as puppet, a whirlwind, a wonderful world.

  • Vortex
    Compagnie Non Nova Vortex

    A whirlwind removes all false layers of reality and makes sure that the man in the arena finally can show himself to the world.

  • No Visa for this Country
    Compagnie Sous X No Visa for this Country

    Join us in search for mysterious Jayne.

  •  Vu
    Sacekripa Vu

    Usually the smallest, most banal obsessions cause the most morbid outcomes.

  • Maree Basse
    Sacekripa Maree Basse

    Two men in a small tent, far away from their artistic heyday, have nothing to lose anymore.

  • Pakman
    Post uit Hessdalen Pakman

    Enter the world of the quickest parcel deliverer ever.

  • Herberg
    Bosse Provoost/de polen Herberg

    A tough piece of landscape under the highway is the setting for an intense performance of some young artists.

  • De Soldaat-facteur en Rachel
    Compagnie Cecilia De Soldaat-facteur en Rachel

  • La Cosa
    Claudio Stellato Compagny La Cosa

    The intense and rhythmic presentation La Cosa looks back on the elementary relation between man and nature.