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The winners of the MiramirO Grand Prix!


During 4 days 8 groups competed to become the jury and the audience’s favourite. The artists let us enjoy circus, dance, theater and performance. We were impressed by the high quality performances but only two groups have the honour to call themselves the winners of the The MiramirO Grand Prix.

Joan Català (ES) was chosen by the professional jury because of his ability to involve the audience into his performance. He creates a special connection with his spectators in a very unique way, what makes his performance anything but a solo act. The risk he is willing to take by doing that convinced the audience of his outstanding talent as a performer. The jury was also very much impressed by Circus Katoen (BE) and Cie Carré Curieux (BE), but after a lot of consideration they decided to give Català € 5.000.
The audience was also able to vote. An incredible amount of text messages were sent. Les Triplettes (BE/IT/DE) were chosen as the audience’s favourite with 32% of the votes and therefore receive €2.500. Circus Katoen and Cie Carré Curieux share the second place.

MiramirO’s goal with these prices is to create a platform for artists to develop their further careers. The official award ceremony will take place this autumn.