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MiramirO joins FACE


The new international ‘Fresh Arts Coalition Europe’ (FACE) network gathers a variety of organizations which practise and promote contemporary multidisciplinary art forms, with a specific focus on innovative creative practices in public spaces, community building and participative projects, physical and visual theatre, contemporary circus and puppet show. FACE wishes to share expertise and knowledge and facilitate the exchange of knowhow. The network also intends to stimulate new forms of cooperation between organizations in and outside Europe. With a membership of 37 from 19 different countries, the network is becoming a dynamic forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences and professional skills to support members and creative professionals.

FACE’s mission fully coinciding with MiramirO’s operations and ambitions, it was only logical that the latter should join the network. The membership will boost our contacts inside Europe and far beyond. We are enthusiastic about the new network and the opportunities it will offer for the future. www.fresh-europe.org