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The green side of MiramirO


MiramirO is a member of Greentrack Gent vzw, a network of cultural organizations based in Ghent who strive to reduce their ecological footprint and that of their audience. MiramirO not only wants to apply this engagement in its own organization, but hopes to inspire and engage its partners as well. Therefore we want to ask all our partners to integrate this consciousness in our collaboration.

MiramirO has always endeavoured to set an example when it comes to organizing events in such a way as to optimally preserve the environment and achieve sustainability. MiramirO wants to establish a unique relationship with the natural environment and will continue to encourage and promote the ecological dialog between the festival and its environment.

Here is a list of some of our environmental sustainability measures

- MiramirO distributes reusable cups for soda, beer and coffee. The festival goer pays 1 Euro deposit. The cup will help him keep the festival grounds clean.

- The food and drink stands use reusable materials and are stimulated to offer vegetarian alternatives.

- We use ecological cleaning products and the dishwashing water is heated with a pellet stove.

- On Thursdays everyone eats vegetarian food (staff, guests, artists and festival goers).

- Local biological and fair trade products are used whenever possible.

- Waste sorting is stimulated.

- Since 2013 we have been using LED lights as mood lights for the festival.

- We try to reduce the amounts of programme booklets and banners by using digital media instead (QR codes, e-tickets, LED screens…)

- The programme booklets are printed on FSC paper.

- The festival T-shirts are made of bio-cotton and patterned with vegetable-based ink.

- Durability also implies an accessible festival which respects its neighbours by applying acceptable closing hours.

- We encourage people to come to the festival on their bike and reward those who do. TUUB, the biking cycle repairer, will offer free services at Coyendans Park on July 18 and 19 between 3 and 7 pm. (spare parts will, of course, be at your own cost).

- MiramirO cooperates with Ghent-based socio-ecological organization Recup Design to create and decorate the new festival centre.