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Did you know that...

  • MiramirO spends an average of three months scouting interesting and/or innovative productions in Belgium and abroad to present them at its festival?
  • MiramirO annually commissions and finances new and innovative creations and performances?
  • MiramirO hopes one day to dispose of suitable workspace where artists have room and time to develop and create new and/or innovative performances?
  • MiramirO works in association and/or cooperation with a variety of street performance festivals all across the globe?
  • MiramirO is managed by three permanent staff members assisted by a variety of job students, volunteers and other temporary crew?
  • MiramirO has its own restaurant for its artists and crew during the festival?
  • MiramirO uses all profits from beverages sold during the festival to finance the programme of the festival’s following edition?
  • MiramirO spares no effort to organize an ecologically sound festival?
  • MiramirO pursues a durable and socially-minded policy, and that all help to achieve this is gladly and gratefully accepted


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